The Wise and the Twisted

Based on Psalm 1

It’s a beautiful day every day for people who don’t walk in the wisdom that comes from dark souls. Likewise for those who don’t play follow the leader with wicked people, or sit down and dine with those who screw their faces up at God. But actually, God’s law lifts up his peoples’ souls and makes them as happy as Larry. While the sun burns, they seek to learn more. When the moon comes out, they occupy themselves with even more ponderings.

They grow tall like oaks, big and strong along the river bed, while the water nourishes their roots. Oaks, by the way, produce acorns in the right season for kind, hungry animals to feed on. Their life-force shall not grow old and weak; everything they set out to do will be a huge success.

This is not so for dirt dogs – they follow the scent to nowhere. They’re gonna be left speechless when it comes time to tell God what they’ve done with their lives, and that day is fast approaching. In Heaven, the dirt dogs won’t be sitting under the shade of the oak trees – they’ll be nowhere near each other. The Lord is like a mother hen; he watches out for all those little ones who follow his lead, but dirt dogs run wild, cause havoc, and eventually get put down.
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