The Way

Based on Psalm 37

Why should I lose any sleep over those who lie, steal and cheat? Let’s see how far their sins get them, shall we? It won’t be long before they pass their ‘use by date’ and are good for nothing but the trash heap.

I have you, God, to rely on. You’re really the only one who’s safe. The more I get to know you, the more I realize you just won’t fail. You’re foolproof! I’m gonna place one foot in front of the other, following each and every footprint you’ve made. Then I won’t be walking on eggshells anymore when I walk down Main Street; I’ll be throwing my weight around left, right and center. I’ll be safe and sound, walking with purpose. I may even end up owning the city.

For me, Lord, I’m gonna throw my heart and soul into your good pleasures. More than that, I’ll make you my pleasure! But look what you’ll do in return. As I please you, you please me. I find myself the proud owner of all I’ve ever wanted – all that I’ve dearly prized.

Take the reins, Lord. You can steer this thing better than I can. Where would I be without you? Probably broken down on the side of the road, or worse yet – leading the procession to Hell down a pothole riddled road. And I love your help – I don’t know how you do it, but I surely see that your hand’s been guiding me all this time. After all this I’ll be ablaze like an urn that forgot to cool down after its firing – red hot!

Yeah, Lord, but for now I’ll cool my jets and just wait. I’ll stay in your waiting room while I get to know you better. And I’m certainly not going to flinch when I see the liars live it up, or scoundrels get ahead. I’m not going to blow off any steam, Lord. Steam’s hot – it can burn! I don’t want to end up being one of them. I want to stick with you and be the last one standing, feet planted firmly on the soil you’ve given me.

That pack of dogs will disappear right before my eyes. Then what will I see? I’ll be wearing rose-colored glasses then. Those dirt dogs will come to nothing, not even dust! But me, Lord, I’m gonna march right on in there like I own this place, trusting you all the way to meet my every need.

Those snakes! I’m sure they’d like to sink their fangs into me and hope their toxic poison seeps into my veins. What a joke! God just look where they’re going to end up. They slither and slide, hoping to find some innocent prey. Snakes like that end up biting their own lip… and there’ll be no-one around to suck out the poison.

I’m as happy as Larry because I’m at your service, God, even though right now I don’t have much. But hey, I’m better off than those who take the crooked road to riches. Their bones will be smashed to pieces, but Lord, you’ve set me high up on your mountain top. When we do as you ask, we find ourselves swept up in your care, not to mention the proud owners of eternal treasure. No matter how bad things get, trouble may be brewing, but it won’t be coming to my house. And we can rest assured our bellies will be filled, regardless of how empty the pantry may be.

People who have graduated from the school of sin find themselves unfriended by you, God. Their degree earned them a ticket to nothingness.

Dirt dogs howl ‘I’ll pay you back’, but run away when it’s time to pay. Meanwhile, good souls give like it’s going out of fashion. Whoever you bless, Lord, will receive their fair chunk of the Earth; whoever you curse will be pulped and pulverized.

When we give into you, Lord, you hold the ladder of life as we climb each rung, making sure we don’t slip. At every step of the journey you hold our hands. When we lose our footing, you’re right there, making sure we don’t fall.

As far as I can tell, good souls have never been up the creek without a paddle, and their kids are not left begging in the gutters. To them, giving is pure joy. I take note that their kids turn out as nice as pie.

If you give up the life of crime and get around to doing what is right, you won’t give up the ghost and you’ll be as sure as sunshine. God is big on justice – he’s hardly going to walk away from those who stick with him. He’s the secret service to the saints, armed and dangerous to all their enemies. However, he brings to ruin the offspring of ogres – those who proudly take after their wretched parents. God’s people end up owning the Earth and set up camp on it forever.

Wise words get thrown around when saints call out for justice. They recall lessons from God’s classroom; they never step foot in the wrong direction. Trashy souls play hide and seek – they hide to hunt and seek to kill. But the Lord plays for our side and he sticks up for us when we’re under attack.

Place yourself in God’s hands and play follow the leader, with him in front. He’ll give you the keys to the city. You’ll soon see the depraved being undone.

I’ve watched ugly people treat others like dirt and end up being king of the mountain. Suddenly – gone without a trace! I keep looking, but they’re nowhere to be found.

It’s sun-shiny days ahead for all the families of the innocent and those who can’t get enough of peace. But not even the shadow will remain of the families of those who double-cross God.

Christ is the armed force of the nation of all those who are his. When the mud hits the fan, they run for cover – run right to him. He steps in and gives them a hand when they’re up against those dirt dogs. He rescues them day and night, all because they’re counting on him.
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