The Return

Based on Christ’s story of the Prodigal Son

Life is for livin’
Gonna take it all, take all I’ve got and spend like hell in the city of no regrets
Got it all,
But still want more
Life just ain’t sweet enough without a little sugar, hey?

Life is large now
And the girls are high,
But my sweet predicament tastes oh so different
Like a bad taste on the tongue

Spent all I had
Proud owner of the word ‘regret’ in fifty-four languages I can’t even speak
Dust for dinner,
Can you give a little salt to add some flavor?

Daddy won’t be proud
Gotta make my own way here now
Guess beggin’ ain’t too low,
But I need more than apple cores and crusts from your half-eaten sandwiches

Mother won’t look me in the eyes
Spent my life
A mind full of memories I’d rather forget

But if I get down on my knees and plead
Perhaps a little bread will be exchanged?
Daddy couldn’t look me in the eye,
But blood may find cause for pity and my stomach be filled
God, I screwed up!

Run back home
Touch down on Heaven’s runway
Daddy gonna find me a sorry sight,
But Momma might remember when I was only five
Touch down on Heaven’s runway

Knocking on the door that may not let me in,
I hear the footsteps and it opens
Arms around me like a rush of speed
But Daddy, if you only knew
Can’t you see I’ve screwed it up?

But Son, I thought I’d lost you
I called and got no answer
You’re all I’ve wanted
Stay this time
Please Son, you are mine.

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