Quotes For October

Fear has its way of being deep and abiding. Love has its way of changing that.

Self-mastery: the name of life’s game.

Step into my world. Not much is fixed – stable, but evolving.

My secret to success? Put all things where they belong.

Failure is inevitable. So is success if you don’t give up.

No-one can give me more than what God does, or better, and no-one can take Him away from me. My love for Him cannot be bought.

Love doesn’t change people, but it can give them reason to.

Force love on people. But take that out of context and you’ll be in trouble. Steep yourselves in love’s initiatives.

Do not rush, nor force. It will come in its season. Trust when the lights go out. The Son rises at the right time.

God is up in Heaven, counting my sins. No wait… That was just a flashback to my days in church. Phew!

All substance is found in believing.

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