Quotes For November

If we don’t believe in His promises, how can we have hope? That grounding anchor through all of life’s storms.

As God leads, conquer your doubts one step at a time. In the meantime, brim with hope that you can.

Unless you have it all worked out, you need to remain open to new truths. Perhaps, just perhaps, we’ve got some files sorted into the wrong folders.

Love makes no sense… Or it makes complete sense.

I am so full of prejudice. God loves us, but I’m nothing like Him. The amount of conditions I place on people – If you were more like me, or if I could respect your choices, or… Love makes no sense or it makes complete sense. Why am I afraid to love? Will I catch gay? Will I catch girl? Will I catch Muslim? Will I catch black? Will I catch poor? What happened? Show me freedom. Teach me, God. Because I don’t understand.

Religion weighs down. God lifts.

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