Quotes For December

If you see them as unworthy of your love, you’re not seeing them clearly.

Not knowing can plague us with fear. Be content.

There is a time for all things. Don’t rush.

If you care more about people being religiously correct than you do about them, you’ve got problems.

If there was a beginning, and we’re in the middle, there must be an end.

I feel like slapping you, but because I believe in God I will sit with Him and work things out. He has a way forward. It may suck to work through things at the moment, but I know the drill. I’m just not ready to shout about it yet.

The Gospel is for all. We don’t have to believe it; love and truth will conquer us all in the end. But if we believe, our perceptions on life and God change, and that will alter our experience and destiny on earth. Our lives can be enriched with beauty and wonder.

Religion limits, but God expands.

The love of God: The greatest attribute a person can cultivate.

If we visited a church it may seem we exist to confess our sins each day. Get over it – God forgave us all 2000 years ago. Forget about your sins and live the life God has for you.

Love doesn’t focus on our faults, but rather our needs.

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