Quotes for April 2019

The Devil has no regard for the truth. He doesn’t care if what he tells you is true or false. It only matters to him whether or not it holds you back from the glorious destiny that is yours. The fears, doubts, and lies he whispers over our minds are futile if we don’t believe them.

There is no end to Christ’s goodness, grace, and love. We can’t comprehend those things for that reason, because for us to comprehend them, there must be an end. That’s why He’s my consuming passion. I’ve got it made. He sets the world right in my life.

Many Christians know everything about Jesus. That’s their problem.

The Church, as it is today, has its own culture and language. The more we get into that, the further away we get from being relevant to those around us. If I may clumsily say so, talk normal.


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