Psalm 23 – Everlasting

Based on Psalm 23 – A Psalm of David

You, God, will be on the lookout for my peace, joy and comfort, as well as all the other needs that have to be met in my life each day. You work to carefully guard my steps and my safety. You are my approver and my promoter. You know when to give me a green light. You tell me to wait when you know the coast is not clear and the fruit is not quite ripe. By your own hands you help me to climb the rocks that lay in my path, and you are a bridge to me, carried on your back, over the deep holes and pits I come to. I don’t always see them. Therefore, what is there to worry about? You don’t go back on your word, but actually, you faithfully and personally see to it that what you promise, happens.

So relax, he happy, cheerful and glad because you have promised not to forget or neglect me, nor shall I be left out. I should remember that you are never early and never late, but always on time in regards to helping and supporting me. You never take your eyes off me. You are always with me, ready and waiting to give me what I need. So really, I’m quite free… to trust you.

You bring me to shining health and vibrant composure. You take me down with you to places of nourishment so that I grow up big and strong. You guide me into all excellent fruition by your own hands. You bring me to the finest restaurants where they serve ‘Heaven’ to me on fine plates of gold and china ware. You cause me to rest in your own private resting places.

You take me on vacations out on the deep, silent, still sea, and the calm ocean. You cause me to swim in the effervescent pools of water that bring life to my soul. You allow me to drift out to sea in your lifeboat to dip myself in the salt water to be cleansed and refreshed. You call me to bathe in your river to let the grime soak in it and fall away and then gently rinse me off with your hose from high up. You lead me through mists that revive and awaken me to higher level of liveliness.

You call me up your holy mountain, being careful to bring me along the steady paths, making sure I don’t take any short-cuts, as they never help in the end. No! Not at all. You want to bring me up your holy mountain to bring glory and honor to your name’s recognition. You lift me up into appropriate behavior that others might see and give glory, honor and thanks to you.

But sure, this life is no easy path; it can be hell, though I’m not afraid. Why should I tremble and go hide in a hole? You are with me. Death’s shadow haunts me, but it’s only a shadow. Your big capable hands make me feel safe, as they point the way and protect me. You lead me through the forest of fears and bring me to safe landing places. You are not about to let any harm slip through your fingers.

I feel special when you sit me at an honored seat at the table. You sit down and talk to me while Hell’s agents surround me and devise evil schemes against me. I delight in our conversations. I feast on the banquets you dish up to me right in front of my enemies. How cool are you – what hope have they got!
You pour down the oil of life, which seeps into all my parts. Where would I be without that? A pile of rusty cogs and steel! No, but you get things working and flowing. Your oil rids me of the burrs on the inner machinery of my soul. Even the hard things are easy with the oil you splash around.

Do you have any idea how you make me feel, God? I’m left breathless when I think how your goodness chases me down the street, and how your love catches up with me each and every day. Not to mention your extravagant mercy I awaken to in the morning. And at the end of all this, I’m left knowing you will be with me. You’ve given me a permanent place in your house – a home to belong to.

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