Divine Chaos.


Righteous Anarchy.

This collection of stoneware pottery is mostly hand thrown on the wheel, and as the name of the collection suggests, these vessels are covered in both orderly and chaotic patterns; breaking the rules of design as I go, but getting a satisfactory result in the end.

Each piece is made from stoneware clay and covered in an coloured underglaze with a clear full-gloss glaze over the top.

I love doing what ought not to be done – otherwise, you get nowhere! Sometimes, in a certain context, doing the wrong thing is what makes things work.

To a degree, this collection is influenced by the work of an Australian ceramic artist named Pippin Drysdale. I have seen her work in person and it is stunning!

I’m unsure if they can be seen in these images, but during the application of the surface decoration, there were times when I felt playful, so I etched games of noughts and crosses (tic-tac-toe) into some of the pots.

The decoration is done by hand using an airbrush, liquid latex, and a bamboo skewer.

This is the underside to the below platter.

If you look closely at this platter you can see a game of noughts and crosses. I won that game. Although, playing both sides, that was inevitable.

I love, love, love my fruit bowls. Big and bold!

The same bowl from another angle.

Perhaps one day, to compliment my God boxes, this collection may become a touring exhibition?!

I loved making the bowls with tight, narrow bases.

This entire collection was made within the final six months of my ceramic practise.

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