Pointillism Artworks

Like pixels on a screen, these art works are made entirely from fine dots or strokes of black ink – an artform closely related to pointillism.

I saw this woman’s face and I had to draw her. I have entitled this work, Woman With a Thousand Stories.

Over a 13 month period, I completed this work during 2010. The unframed component measures 80.5 cm (31.5 inches) high by 56.5 cm (22.5 inches) wide.

Who is she? Where’s she from? I want to meet with her and listen all day to her words. Though I am younger, I want to hold her as a daughter and tenderly hear all of her private whispers.

Entitled, Treasure Man, this work was completed in late 2017. This is a much smaller piece that captures a beautiful image of my younger second cousin, Loki – my treasure man.

All of these works are derived from original images taken as photographs and usually enlarged onto card stock with grey lead pencil and then filled in with ink.

A portrait of my paternal grandmother I spent 2 months creating. This framed image was entered into the Townsville Regional Gallery portraiture competition in northern Queensland, Australia.

My grandmother, Valerie McKernan, lives close by. We are indeed soulmates, kindred spirits. Many cups of coffee have been consumed over the years as we discussed life in her backyard amongst her garden. Nasturtiums are her flower of choice.

This image was taken from an artist’s anatomy book.

Apart from the handsome man depicted, for me, this masterful pose creates a sense of intrigue and a tender masculinity.

A sensual number…

This depiction of crumpled sheets was an exercise in light and shade, also endeavouring to capture the warmth and texture of the fabric.

This and the following image will be the first images set to be used in my first series of God boxes. They will be incorporated into the lids of fine jarrah boxes.

As native Australian timbers will be used for the first series of God boxes, I have chosen to use images of local plants for the artwork. These are of Eucalyptus leaves (gum leaves) found in a near-by park.


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