Breaking Religion: Touching Real

Meet Skelter Valentine…

In this spiritual story, knowing God, rather than knowing about Him, is what makes the difference for Skelter Valentine—a misspent marketing executive without hope or purpose. As he sorts out fact from fiction, believing in God takes Skelter down a path that transcends religion as he uncovers the mystery of believing and the simplicity of receiving God’s treasures.

In this work of fiction, relationship with Christ takes on a deeper meaning as Skelter is taken beyond the realm of this world, after he accidently dies in a homeless man’s squat. He soon returns to life with the message God gave him— “Only believe, and your time will come.”

Trust in God transforms Skelter from the inside out as he pursues mending his relationship with the God who he grew up thinking was careless and unkind. While Skelter joins Jesus in a café whilst in a dream, Christ connects with him over a series of honest discussions about life, the Church, and his current situation.

Like never before has spiritual fiction, a troubled past, some homeless strangers, and a cleaning lady that bears some surprises, been mixed and twisted into a story that has a profound connection with God. Find out if Skelter faces his ‘demons’, heals from the past, and makes peace with the God who he thought was not worth knowing.

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A Nuff is Enough

With this children’s story, self-acceptance, contentment, and self-esteem are the threads that make up the fabric of this warm and rich tale. Children of all ages will love discovering, just like little Billy, that they too are enough!

Join Billy as he enters Crimson Perch—the land where Thursdays taste like caramel and where they haven’t had a Sunday in years, since they forgot where they put them.

When Billy stumbles upon the Nuff’s village, he tells them that he has come to find an answer to his burning question: “Why can’t I be good enough?”

Yazmin, the wisest Nuff, suggests that he might find an answer to his question and that it might come with a surprise—perhaps Billy is not asking the question he needs to ask.

As he sets out to find the sacred Rose of Knowing to save Crimson Perch from an ancient curse and guard the Nuff’s way of life, Hirkwerzle, the tribal ruler of the Nuffs, opposes Billy at every turn.

Will Billy save Crimson Perch and the Nuffs from the evil curse that was foretold to devour their land and ruin their way of life? Will he win over the grumpy ruler of the Nuffs village, Hirkwerzle, in order to become one of their tribe and finally become a Nuff?

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There’s Hope for a Brighter Future

No matter what circumstances we were born into or currently face, there is hope for a brighter future, and hope for success. In this book, I share how I have used my faith for a turn around in life, from being damaged by the effects of trauma and abuse, to seeing my faith for a changed life become a living reality.
This book offers hope for troubled people or anyone who wants to discover lasting hope for a new beginning. I share how having faith in my dreams has helped me to turn around the long-lasting, dire consequences of being seriously abused into a life filled with ever-increasing joy, satisfaction, and success. Come and enter the land of believing—the land where all things are possible!

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Gay Relationships and the Bible

Are homosexual love and Jesus at odds with each other, or are gay relationships and the Bible perfectly compatible? Indeed, homosexual Christians can find that their sexual expression and identity are things that are found in, and originate with, God.
Find out how we can all experience peace and wholeness with ourselves and God while the battle between people in same-sex relationships and the Church continues. In this new book, you will learn how to gain freedom from the oppression of those who say that gay relationships and Christ are incompatible. Give yourself the opportunity for self-acceptance and the right to be who you really are—who God made you to be!

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