Landing Safe

Go on?
The descent in my view-
No thanks
I’d rather climb, but God knows there are no ropes to sustain or cliffs leading up

Without strength
No sense of hope
It went

But I do my thing in my own way
I talk
I chew
Whatever gets me through will do in this hour-
Lost, afraid, and alone

I crave solidity beneath my feet
Wanting to walk upon the land,
And not rise or sink, above or beneath,
Like a haunting that will not settle

But as I do my own thing in my own way,
And move,
And chew,
And slide,
The futureless future, and my God,
Meet me half way

Now I breathe
I am calm
The end has been consumed by the horizon I could not see on my level
All I have is you, God
You may be kind and sweet,
But you scare the shit out of me too
At least I can smile when I say that to you.
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