Good News For Bad Days

Based on Psalm 3

What else can go wrong! All Hell’s broken loose. I’ve got so many problems I’ve lost count. All these things wage war with my sanity. My enemies try to drown me with their words, “Not even God could save you”.

But you’re my secret weapon, Lord – my knight in shining armor. Even when I’m surrounded by the stench of the slime in this swamp you lift me up high over it all. Even when I go through the deep, sunless valleys at night, you give me the promise of a bright, beautiful day ahead. It’s on its way! You treat me with such esteem and respect, making up to me for all I’ve been through. I talk to you and you talk right back, answering from the heights of Heaven.

When I lay down at night, I sleep in the sea of certainty, and come morning, I wake fit and fighting because you, Lord, watch over me. There’s a pit on my right side, traps on my left, bullies in front of me, but can they catch and beat me? No – I won’t lose any sleep. Show them Who’s boss! Uncover the traps, fill in the pits, and pulverize the bullies. I know you want to see those who turn to you being taken care of, not to mention the fact that you couldn’t bear to see us without a blessing . You give me reason to fill the air with words that depict Your majestic wonder.

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