The devilish, dark thoughts that rush my mind
What? Can’t we talk about this, God?
So much for your being able to have a conversation

But I know
I dare
I challenge
I believe in you and how you work

You transcend the fuck out of everything
And I am left
Sitting here
Knowing you
In your raw, pure, perfect, peace

I need the fuck out of you, God
My tears, endless would not be enough
I can’t cry
Because I fear I would drown you

Absurd, yes
But I cannot say I reach your deepest parts
I need you,
But those words alone mean nothing
My ache is the proof

I don’t want to die yet
Though I long to meet you.
Although it seems my craving to see you will go unquenched for now,
I simply want you
To dance, and wail, and shout over me

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